Overview and introduction to Isthmus


Isthmus is a boilerplate application framework built for building Location Intelligence applications with CARTO and with React and Redux. It is built to incorporate core CARTO libraries such as CARTO.js and Airship, make common tasks such as adding layers and creating a map simple, and includes core technology for developing, bundling, and creating production versions of your application a simple process.

Core Technology

Below is a short list of some of the core tech and libraries that are used in Isthmus:


What does Isthmus do? Here are some of the great things you can do with Isthmus:
  • Start a location intelligence application without adding multiple packages
  • Easily add layers to your map and maintain a global state for CARTO settings
  • Simple and easy to use global application state with layers, map location, and other details
  • Quick commands for development, production, and deployment
  • All the tools you need to build location intelligence apps with CARTO in one location
Last modified 4yr ago